NRLA Urges Chancellor To Scrap Stamp Duty Levy On Additional Homes

In a significant move, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is calling on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to eliminate the 3% stamp duty levy on additional homes, including buy-to-let properties. The proposal, submitted ahead of the March Budget, argues that this change could not only alleviate the rental market crisis but also inject a substantial £10 billion into the government's coffers.

Unlocking Housing Potential: A Path to Financial Growth

The NRLA asserts that removing the 3% stamp duty levy could lead to a surge in the supply of homes for private rent. According to their estimates, this boost would contribute approximately £10 billion to the government's finances—an amount nearly equivalent to the entire Affordable Homes budget.

Independent analysis by Capital Economics supports this claim, revealing that scrapping the stamp duty levy could result in the availability of almost 900,000 new private rented homes across the UK. The additional income and corporation tax receipts generated from this expansion could potentially provide a significant £10 billion boost to Treasury revenue.

Origins of the Stamp Duty Levy and Criticisms

Introduced in 2016 by then Chancellor George Osborne, the stamp duty levy aimed to prevent landlords from squeezing out families aspiring to become homeowners. However, the NRLA questions its effectiveness, citing research from the London School of Economics that disputes the notion that landlords significantly impact the ability of families to secure homes.

Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), has also expressed concerns about the tax burden on landlords. He warned that increased taxation could lead to higher rents, potentially exacerbating the challenges faced by tenants.

Addressing East London’s Housing Challenges

For estate and letting agents in East London, where the demand for rental properties is pronounced, the NRLA's proposal holds particular relevance. As the stamp duty levy has been criticized for discouraging investment in private rented accommodation, its removal could spur growth in the sector.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the NRLA, emphasizes the urgency of addressing the housing crisis. He argues that growing the private rented sector is not only vital to meet tenant demand but would also provide a substantial boost to Treasury coffers, enabling investment in essential public services.


As we await Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Budget statement in March, the NRLA's proposal stands as a potential game-changer for the housing market. Removing the 3% stamp duty levy could pave the way for increased investment, a surge in rental housing availability, and financial benefits for both landlords and the government. Stay tuned as the debate unfolds, and the fate of Leytonstone's housing market hangs in the balance.

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