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Terms and conditions

The London Living Rent Scheme is designed to help renters become homeowners. By subsidizing the rent, tenants will be able to save money for a deposit to purchase a property.

Tenancies under the scheme are for 3 years. Rent is reviewed on an annual basis and shall increase by RPI.

When applying for a property, tenants will be reference checked by our partners at Goodlord. Details of the referencing criteria can be viewed by clicking here.

A financial assessment will be carried out by one of our independent financial advisors to confirm that the tenants are unable to purchase a property at the current time.

Closer to the end date of the tenancy, you will be required to carry out another financial assessment to see if you are in a position to purchase the property under the shared ownership scheme. If not, a further 3 year tenancy can be agreed if acceptable by all parties. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Live or work in London
  • Either have a formal tenancy (for example, in the private rented sector) or live in an informal arrangement with family or friends as a result of struggling with housing costs
  • Have a maximum household income of £60,000
  • Not own any other residential home
  • Be unable to currently buy a home (including through shared ownership) in your local area.

Goodlord referencing criteria

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